Your Guarantee



I don’t have an agenda; I do have a commitment. When we work together my loyalty is to you. My commitment is to help you discover your passion and your own motivation to achieve your success. Helping YOU find a strategy for you to take action to move YOU forward is my goal.

That strategy would be a voluntary collaborative plan focused on continued performance development, and this is always something that can be measured.

During 3 strategy sessions** with Life Coach Helps my clients will develop a plan that, when worked /followed through over 3 months will bring personal results and personal success*** or your money back.*

Your FIRST session is FREE. Distance is no barrier. I coach by phone, and in person.

Doing what works-Doing what matters.

*MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: When clients have completed 3 strategy sessions** in a minimum 1 month to a maximum of 3 months and have not experienced Personal Success***.

**STRATEGY SESSIONS DEFINED: Karen and Client collaboratively create a plan for the client to follow, including goals, steps and tasks.

***PERSONAL SUCCESS DEFINED: The client experiences satisfaction with the progress of his/her steps towards their goal achievements as written down and defined in their collaborative plan with Karen.