I thought taking life coaching would be a good experience since I was about to go into university. It really helped put me on the right track for success. I was definitely helped. I left the coaching sessions with a better view of what I really wanted in life. I had a bit of an awareness of my gifting, and passion in life but Karen’s coaching taught me how to use those giftings. I left the 4 coaching sessions with clarity and a more definite plan than before I signed up for Life Coach Helps.

I would gladly take more coaching with Karen and would recommend Life Coach Helps to a friend or acquaintance.

- Erika McCaig

Karen has an uncanny ability to hone in on specific 'mental blocks', which can prevent personal life progress. Her superior listening skills, and insightful and constructive comments, combined with useful exercises and organizational-skills encouragement, were tremendously helpful in my examination of my own life. With her patient, caring and empathic support, I've found both strengths to celebrate, and personal weaknesses to focus on and improve. Karen's calm and clarity are deeply reassuring.

I strongly recommend Karen as a Life-Coach to anyone who would like to succeed in sorting out life's overwhelming details, and who wants to 'move ahead' into a state of personal wellness and accomplishment...

Thank you so much, Karen.

- Maureen Brown